Ilium’s Garden

Hi my name’s Ilium and for inquiry this year I decided to make a garden.

I wanted to make a garden because I wanted to see what it would take to grow my own food and be more self sustainable.

Making a garden was pretty hard, first I had to research how to make a garden then I had to figure out how to tend to the garden and I also had to get money for the seeds and compost then I had to write a message and then I had to send it to all the 4G parents. That was pretty hard but that wasn’t even the hardest bit, the hardest bit was making it because first you had to weed it then I had to make sure the dirt wasn’t hard  so that the plants could grow then I had to add the compost dig the trenches and plant the seeds, and after all of that hard work it was done and I think it turned out pretty good.

We’re looking forward to next year when our watermelon and tomatoes will be ready! Please feel free to take some spinach because there is lots of it!

My name is Lachlan from 4G,

For my iTime in Terms 3&4 I studied cooking and shopping in an environmentally friendly way I made a no added sugar recipe book(first link) and made a quiz(second link). I also made zero waste enviro bags for shopping out of recyled materials and gave them to my peers as prizes. Please feel free to take a look.


No added sugars recipe book-11oii3h



Alex Miles – Visiting Author

Today, the grade 3s were very lucky to have Olive’s aunt, Alex, come and visit us. She is an author and known for the Zac Power Spy Camp series and her own Olive Black series!

Her timing was perfect with the writer’s festival happening tomorrow. She helped explain that we all need to be curious, pursue ideas, persist persist persist and edit edit edit!

Our imagination muscles need flexing all the time so don’t give up if you’re facing writers’ block. Persist persist persist!!

Tomorrow we are beginning our script writing for our documentaries and this was a great springboard for Inquiry as well as Writing!

Thanks for visiting!

Inquiry- Walking the walk

Won the battle, winning the war, still lots of work to be done- a real life Inquiry project.

Today, Sunday the 28th, Anneka and Ashlin from 4G led a party of fellow students and parents/ carers around the Merri Creek to rid its beautiful banks of the horrendous rubbish that surrounds it. Students were organised and showed powerful leadership as together we collected thousands of pieces of rubbish as part of their Inquiry project that started during class time. Students are now in the process of sorting and cataloging the rubbish so they can send information to the local Council.

What a great example these students and their carers set in organising this day. Together we must show everyone, especially our future generation that we care about ourselves, each other and the world around us.

Congratulations everyone I look forward to joining you again!




Upcoming Arts Events


3B, 3F and 3S have been working on a combined Arts Map Project in Term 3. The students designed and created their own class landscape map in Art and created an accompanying story and soundscape in Music. They will be performing these pieces at the following upcoming assemblies (weather permitting) –

3B – Monday 29th October from 9am

3F – Monday 12th November from 9am

3S – Monday 19th November from 9am


The Art and Music department is excited to present the Bell Arts Film Evening on Wednesday 21st November from 3:45-6:30pm. During Term 3, Grades 4A, 4G, 4W and 3/4M participated in a combined Arts unit that involved creating stop-animation films accompanied by soundtracks. These films, artefacts and live performances will be presented as a celebration of student learning. More details to come.

Thank you for supporting the arts at Bell and we hope you can join us at these exciting upcoming events!

Chelsea and Milica

Inquiry into natural soaps

Hi my name is Fern and I’m  in 4G. For my inquiry I am studying sustainable/ natural soap. I chose this because it is good  for the Environment. If it is possible / you have time please go to this link and fill in the form: .


Many cleaning products have microplastics / beads in them. If you are wondering what they are here is a link to tell you about them:


If you would like to help  the environment please visit the website below and learn more about products with microbeads in them.  .

Did you know that you could easily make your own cleaning products without all the chemicals and harmful ingredients? It’s better for you and the environment! Below is an example of how to make your own hand soap.


2 – 3 TBS liquid Castle Soap

150 – 200ml Distilled water or boiled and cooled water

1 tsp olive oil or sweet almond oil

3-5 drops of essential oils (mint/ orange/ lavender)


Add the ingredients to your bottle- you can use a funnel, leave enough space for the foam pump and close lid, gently shake to combine.

If after a few days it looks like it’s not foamy anymore don’t worry it will come out foamy.



We Are At Maximum Capacity

Friday was a glorious day for 4W to explore and experiment with water and various sized containers. The purpose was to gain a deeper (pun intended) of capacity. Additionally, the exploration enabled the students to get a feel for the standard unit of measurement 1 litre. This will help with the students mathematical thinking in making estimations of the capacity of various containers. Furthermore, with the incidental knowledge of knowing that 1 litre of water is equal to 1 kilogram the students also gain some incite to mass and weight.



Chocolate maths!

Today we were exploring fractions with chocolate bar maths (minus the actual chocolate, the kids needed to use their imagination with this one).


How can we share 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 chocolate bars between 20 people? Where would you get the most chocolate? You’ll have to play to find out!


Clean The Merri Creek

Hi our names are Anneka and Ashlin from 4G and we are doing a clean up Merri Creek Day on Sunday the 28th of October. The form below will tell us how many people are coming so we can get prepared please fill out this form. For more information contact  Tash at:

Form link:–Juy74lYwfV3tgh1RS9s3w/viewform?usp=sf_link

To view our poster: Clean Merri Creek-2cnwc7d

Thank you!

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