Estimation Challenges!

On Monday 4TJ explored some estimation challenges during their maths sessions.

We began by exploring ‘how many’… How many balls in a cup? How many students at school? How many people in the crows? We focused on our reasoning – explaining our mathematical thinking.

Then things got really challenging. Students had to estimate how many 100s and 1000s on a humongous freckle! Some wonderful strategies were used. This included breaking up the big freckle into parts and estimating how many 100s and 1000s in each section, using the whiteboard or grids in maths books. Some students even estimated the surface area of the big freckle using pi!

This was followed by the tissue estimation challenge, where students had to explore how many tissue boxes would fit into our classroom. Students used practical strategies, like counting out the number of tissue boxes across the three dimensions of the room and others measured the room and compared this with the tissue box measurements.

All in all, some great problem solving happening in 4TJ – particularly with tricky problems like these with no precise answers in sight!


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