Brain Breaks in 3G

Learning can be tough on the brain, especially with back to back lessons in the morning and afternoon!

As part of our Ready to Learn Plans and lessons around the wellbeing framework of the Berry Street Educational Model (BSEM), students in 3G aim to have a 3minute brain break in-between some sessions as a quick break and opportunity to re-group again after some solid focus and great learning.

Brain break activities can vary, depending on students’ mood, personal choice… and sometimes the weather! The most popular choices for our active bunch is a brisk walk/ 3 laps around the Astro Turf outside, or something simple and social like a thumb war. Today students opted for some laps outside, thumb wars or independent reading.

Wear it Purple Day

What a wonderful sea of purple we see across the school today!

This morning 3F and 3G have joined together to enjoy a morning of sharing, celebrating and discussions around diversity, inclusion and families.

Students have drawn their varied family structures/units and then we read the story ‘And tango makes three’ by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell, a heartwarming story that shows us that all kinds of love can create a family.

On a side note, special mention to Maggie Everard from 3G who entered the Moreland writers competition and won FIRST PLACE with her amazing story about a Giraffe escaping the zoo and causing chaos at Melbourne Landmarks.





Author visit for Book Week


Today students in Grade 3 were lucky to have children and adult author Ingrid Laguna come in and speak to us about her experiences of being a teacher and author. Students have been enjoying listening to her experiences and tips.

Ingrid has written and published several children’s picture books, and her latest project is a sequel to her first child’s novel ‘Songbird’.

Celebration of Science Week at Bell PS

This morning, students across the whole school have been working in multi-aged groups to design and experiment on the science concepts of gravity and air resistance.

Students have been working collaboratively in their groups to design balloon rockets and aircrafts.

It has been so wonderful to see younger and older students working in teams to design, build and try their various attempts to achieve the following goals:

  1. Make an aircraft that can be dropped from a height and the aim is to hold marshmallows without the marshmallows falling out on impact
  2. Create a balloon rocket to see how fast a balloon travels across different textured string

We have observed excellent team work skills such as positive and encouraging communication and language, as well as many smiles and laughs.

A very fun morning had by all!


Ordering, naming and measuring angles


Today in our geometry lesson in maths, the Rectangles group working with Miss G revisited their learning from the other day and discussed angles.

First we ordered angles from smallest to largest and named them as acute, obtuse, right and straight angles.

Then we learned how to measure angles using a protractor and found out how many degrees each angle was.

We know that if an angle is less than 90 degrees it is called an acute angle; if it is more than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees it is called an obtuse angle and if it is exactly 180 degrees, it is called a straight angle.

The small group really enjoyed doing more challenging maths, and really lapped up the challenge of measuring angles! Something they sure were proud of!


Learning about language of angles in shapes

The rectangle group in 3G today learnt about different angles in regular shapes. They learned that angles can be identified by different names- including right angles, acute angles, obtuse angles, straight angles and reflex angles.

They then spent some time identifying different shapes with right angles and sorting them into categories.

Student words of wisdom:

Grace: Right angles can be left or right

Zac: Right angles can be different lengths

Ruby: Right angles are always 90 degrees and can have different lengths on each side. Acute angles are smaller than 90 degrees. Obtuse are always more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees.

Eloise L- acute angles and obtuse angles are opposite

Eloise G- acute angles are always smaller than right angles.

Xanthe- a straight angle is 180 degrees, no more and no less.

Taskworks excursion

On Tuesday, students in grades 3W,F and G attended an excursion at Tasworks in Mulgrave to finish off and celebrate their learning about Force and Motion from Term 2.

It was a wonderful and fun filled activity day that was enjoyed by all!

Students would like to thank the teachers and parent helpers for their assistance on the day.

Board Game Club

Today in Room 17, Miss G hosted our very first Board games club with doors open for all Grade 3 and 4 students.

It has been a wonderful turnout with around 30 students!

Student are heard laughing and seen having fun playing in small groups over classic games including Twister, UNO, Pictionary, Trivia card games and Monopoly, whilst others are quite happy to draw on the mini whiteboards as an alternative to outside play.

Board Games club will occur every Monday during first half of playtime.

Times tables in maths

Students in 3G and 3F working with Miss G for multiplication yesterday practised their 3,4 or 5 times table in a partner game similar to ‘Get out of my house’. They were super focused and worked well in their pairs to practise their facts. Well done!

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