HHD update

This week we completed our last Health and Human Development session in Grade 4.

Today we discussed ideas around body safety and students’ safety networks. A poster with the body safety rules we discussed can be found here: My body safety rules. The safety network refers to the trusted adults in the students’ lives who they can speak to if something is concerning them. Students have been given a homework task, where they need to discuss today’s session with one of their trusted adults.

Last week we learned about how babies are made. We spoke about the process of fertilization and the physical male and physical female reproductive systems. Students played ‘reproductive bingo’ where they needed to match descriptions to the names of different concepts related to reproduction.

Students have also had a chance to anonymously share questions after our sessions, and we have discussed many of these at the beginning of our sessions. The students have been highly engaged and shown an impressive level of mature and respect during the sessions.




Health and Human Development in Grade 4

On Tuesday the grade 4 students started their health and human development lessons.

In lesson 1 we explored all the different ways our bodies change as we continue to grow from birth to childhood then adulthood. The students came up with a wonderful list of ways we change like growing taller, growing hair under our arms, face and around the genitals.

We spoke about that these changes happen during puberty and people begin puberty at all different times and that changes happen to everyone at different stages.

We labelled all the parts of sex organs for physical males and physical females and spoke about some people are born a physical male or female but they may not feel like they belong to that gender and identify as transgender.

Grade 4 bike camp

This week the grade 4’s jumped on the Calder freeway to Maldon.

Maldon is a town near Bendigo it has beautiful things like Mt Tarrengower and less beautiful things like the beehive chimney. It used to be a gold mining town so it has old style things from the gold rush.

Alexei 4J

Here are some of the activities we participated in while we were away,

4A and 4J rode up to the rocky BMX track from Blue Light Camp. We were in Maldon for our School camp and all the students were bubbling with nerves and mostly excitement. We were all yelling things like: “Turning Left” and “Passing”. As soon as we got to the BMX track everyone had to have a go at it, it was curvy and wurvy.  We all loved it. We rode back to camp up a HUGE hill. As we came back to camp we all settled in our cabins ready for another day. Bring it on.

Leo. 4A


Henry came out of the shower and there was a whole heap of steam coming out of the bathroom, Henry went to shut the door but it was to late the fire alarm had already gone.

Every went to the back of the camp site and waited for the fire alarm to go away. We were still waiting and then Henry started running towards all of us with all his clothes inside out, we all laughed at him. A few minutes later the fireman came and stopped the fire alarm.


Dom 4A


On our first night we head out on a night walk with local historian Ray. He took us up ANZAC hill, where we saw old machinery from the war. Ray told us different stories about the stars and Indigenous tribes from around the area.


We road to Butts reserve, it was about a 15 minutes to get there, there was a few hills along the way.

When we got there we made damper, we had to get some sticks to cook our damper on. Then it was time to put the damper on the stick, we had to do something called the 4 s’s. 1 roll the damper into a snag, 2 put your finger into the top to make it in to a spoon, 3 wrap it around the stick to leave no gaps and 4 finely squeeze the damper to make it stick.

After making the damper the boys played soccer and people climbed up the rocks and trees.

There were lots of little cave and lots of moss. On the way back the hills were a lot steeper then on the way back.

Ellery 4J

On an exciting day at Camp Mr.A, Miss Justice, Dan, Sarah and Rebecca had something up their sleeve and we found out it was a SCAVENGER HUNT AROUND MALDON!!!. 

How it worked was we were in groups of 8-9 people and a teacher was helping us out in case we got lost. We had set of a questions and we needed to answer them and they would lead to a specific destination.


A couple of places along the way included 

  1. The Historic Maldon Train Station
  2.  The Beehive Chimney
  3.  The Maldon Welsh Church 
  4.  The Fire Station
  5.  Lolly Shop
  6.  The Art Gallery

And the final Destination was Camp.

By Patrick & Conor 4A


On our last night at camp, the grade 4’s had a disco. Everyone dressed up in oneies, crazy things, or just normal clothes. There was a big disco ball and lots of disco lights. Everyone went crazy because of how many lollies we had all eaten from the lolly shop that day. The teachers played lots of awesome music and they even had a secret little boogie themselves. We didn’t have to go to the disco though, lots of other people decided to play mini golf or hang out in the dining room and do some drawing or play card games. After an hour of fun, everyone headed to the dining room for a chill-out for fifteen minutes before bed.

It had been the perfect night.

It was the best camp ever!

Matilda 4A



All the students and teachers really enjoyed the camp and it was a wonderful experience to see the students outside of the school environment.

They should all be commended for their behaviour and politeness around the camp and community of Maldon.


Students have access to all the camp photos on their google classroom.


Miss Justice, Mr A, Rebecca, Dan and Sarah.

Unifix Cities in 4J

Today in 4J we were exploring volume using unifix blocks.

We spoke about what we thought volume was and how we measure this.

The students then had to create their own cities that included 3 buildings and estimate how many cubic centimeters were in each building.

The guidelines the students needed to follow were,

Each city needs to have a minimum of 3 buildings
-Shapes/buildings can we regular or irregular
-All shapes must be filled so it’s possible to work out the volume
-Students need to record how many blocks are in each


Here are some of our creations