Secret Breakers Book Reviews by 4T

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Secret Breakers by Liam CC

Mr. Smithies. We have managed to locate Van Der Essen’s phoenix.

Three children have been chosen to decipher a forbidden code. Over hundreds of years thousands of people have failed to find an answer and three children, namely Brodie, Tusia and Hunter, have been chosen.
My favourite part is when they realise the deciphering book is just ash. I enjoyed this because it is such a discovery and a devastating one at that.
I would recommend this book to children around the age of nine because it has moderately complicated concepts.
I give this book five stars.

Secret Breakers – Book Review by Romain

Imagine an ancient manuscript no one can read. Imagine a secret code for someone just like you.

A secret hidden for centuries. But Brodie Bray and her friends Tusia and Hunter like challenges and when Brodie receives a coded message through the post her life changes forever. She gets chosen for a secret team working to crack this most complicated code in the world to uncover the secret it hides.
I would give this book a rating of 5 out of 5 because it is everything a book could be: exciting, sad, adventurous, scary and impossible to stop reading. I would recommend this book to adventurous kids above the age of 7 who love to read. Children that like Harry Potter will love this book.

Secret Breakers by Lily

I loved this book. It was so exciting and it had so many great turning points in it. I really liked how it had so many interesting words in it and how there are so many great characters with such a different personality.
The only thing I didn’t like about it was that I had no idea what was happening in the start, but it got so much better and understandable.

Summary of the book:

Brodie gets a secret message in a birthday card even though it wasn’t even her birthday. The code tells her to go to the lamp post that told her to go to the Black Chamber ( a secret code cracking organisation.)
Brodie has to complete a challenge with total strangers to be able to get in.
When smithies tells them that they will work on MS 408, the code that is forbidden to crack, the three friends try as hard as they can to crack the code…

My rating:

I give this book a 4 and a half because I loved it so much but I didn’t really understand what was happening at the start.

Secret Breakers by Elliot

Imagine an ancient manuscript
No one can read
Imagine a secret code for 
Someone just like you

Three kids by the name Brodie, Hunter and Tusia have been chosen to figure out an ancient manuscript. They must figure out lots of clues to find the phoenix of light in her cloak of power, but there are those that are ready to kill to stop them. My favourite part is when the three of them find the first part of the code firebird because they finally know where they have to go and do.
I rate it 4 out of five stars and I rate it from 8 to 12 years old because little kids would not understand some bits.

Grade 4 Camp

I really enjoyed going to Butts reserve and I’m sure everyone else did too. It was about a 2 kilometre ride and when we got there, we had a small run around then got to work. We found sticks as tall as our shoulders and learnt how to put the damper on them. After, we turned them over the fire until some were perfect light brown but most were a deathly black. We rode back to camp after stuffing ourselves with sometimes delicious, sometimes disgusting damper and got ourselves ready for the afternoon.