More extended day fun!

We got back from the zoo and had some more awesome fun!

We played

ate fruit and musli bars

played some more

Ate icy poles!

played some more

ate a bbq

played some more

changed into PJs and started watching The Lorax

ate some popcorn, cookies and milo

and are still happily watching the Lorax!

everyone is looking exhausted and looking forwards to seeing mums and dads at 830



Problem Solving in 3F

Today we read a book about a wise man in India who did the king a favour. The king wanted to repay him so the wiseman told him he should give him some rice, starting with one grain and doubling each day for each square on his chessboard. The king didn’t know how much rice this was but was too proud to ask. OOPS. We know this never goes well.

Turns out when you double numbers 64 times they get BIG!

We explored what would happen if the chess board had 25 squares. students used a mix of their own knowledge, addition strategies and calculators to find out that at the end of 25 days the king had given away 16 777 216 grains of rice.


Some of the students finished this easily so I challenged them to start exploring how much rice would be owed on the 64th day. One group got a little hooked… I don’t think they did much else today. We got really excited when they hit trillions, then it just kept going! I’m not ashamed to say i had to resort to Google after quadrillion!


Grade 3 HHD

Yesterday we had the second of our Health and Human development lessons.


Last week we focussed on naming body parts that Physical boys and physical girls have in common and those unique to each, As well as where we can safely learn about our bodies.

This week we looked at naming some of these unique parts and identifying them on a diagram. Students were far more relaxed this week.  We went back over our expectations of showing respect to each other, the fact that it’s ok to be embarrassed. Had a practice 5 second giggle and got into it!

We started by drawing a persons outline and adding in body parts, to many, many giggles. Students could choose to do this alone or in a small group, totally up to their comfort.

We explained the function of some of the key body parts and students labelled diagrams which were sent home with them last night. (Check the bottom of the bag or the bin.)

Enjoy these awesome labelled images. I’m super impressed with this person differentiating between the vagina and the vulva.




HHD Session 1

Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s),

The Grade 3s are undertaking a unit of sexuality education. 


Students will be learning about:

  • the parts of the body
  • the names of the reproductive systems and their functions
  • the qualities of good friends
  • gender stereotyping. 


Yesterday we had a chat about showing respect during these sessions, that it’s ok to be uncomfortable and that when we tell stories we use ‘someone I know.’

We brainstormed body parts that are found on Biological Males, Biological Females and Both. And discussed where we can learn about our bodies and where we shouldn’t learn.

It helps children to know that everyone who has been through puberty has probably felt curious, uncomfortable or excited. We also want them to know who they can go to if they have questions or want to talk about how they are feeling. 

For that reason, this letter provides some questions that you might like to discuss with your child. They are about having trusted people to talk to about puberty. 


Questions for discussion at home:

  • When you were a child, did you ever have any questions about your body or growing up?
  • If you did, did you have someone you were able to talk to?
  • Ask your child whom they think they could talk to if they had any questions.
  • Ask them if they have any questions now. 


Thank you for your help. 


The Grade 3 Team


HHD starts tomorrow.

Hello wonderful Grade 3 parents.

Tomorrow we start our Health and Human Development Sessions. The Grade 3’s will be working in groups. 3F and 3G working together and 3B and 3W working together.

Tomorrow’s focus will be on naming body parts, including those that are found on both biological male and female bodies, and those parts that are only found on one or the other.

The major focus for the lessons will be on:

  • Having the correct information about their bodies including scientific names
  • feel good about growing up
  • feel comfortable asking questions

Some of the students are feeling a bit embarrassed and it will be reiterated that it’s OK to be feeling embarrassed.

We’ll post some more information after the sessions tomorrow.


Book Week 2019

Hi All,


Delayed I know! We had a blast during book week last week, we read some beautiful books and it was fantastic seeing everyone all dressed up. They all looked amazing.


On the Friday we got together with the Grade 6 students to do some cross age activities, To take advantage of the AMAZING weather we offered them the option of working outside.


In line with the theme “Reading is my Superpower” we had 3 activities for students to choose.

  • Design a superhero and write a short backstory.
  • Create a comic
  • Create  secret code and write a message to guess


Here’s some of the photos.


HHD coming soon!

Health and Human Development Curriculum

Continuing on from last year specifically trained teachers within Bell Primary School will be implementing a series of Health and Human Development lessons that focus on physical, social and emotional changes. 

HHD sessions are starting in Grade 3 Wednesday next week and will continue on Wednesday’s for the rest of the term. For all grade 3’s including 3B.

The content of the lessons is recommended by the Department of Education, and is focused on Respectful Relationships and Sexuality Education.


These specific lessons will support students to work towards achieving the required health standards of the new Victorian Curriculum. Other components of the curriculum will be covered during Physical Education lessons and within the students’ regular classes.


The lessons will deliver age-appropriate content using a fact-based approach. A variety of materials will be used to deliver the content in a sensitive manner, including:

  • Games
  • Conversations
  • Audio and visual media


Bell Primary School respects your family’s role in teaching Health and Human Development Education and hope that these lessons support and facilitate further conversations.


Please check your child’s year level blog regularly for information as to what is covered in each session. 



The students will be learning:

  • Identifying body parts and feelings, and feeling comfortable to ask questions
  • Reproductive systems and their functions
  • Understanding body safety


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the relevant staff members below:

Prep – 2 contact: Gab Goss

3/4 contact: Sarah Fry

5/6 contact: Dimi Efthymiou

School Coordinator: Sarah Fry


The students will be learning:

  • How their bodies are growing, learning and changing
  • Identifying body parts
  • Understanding body safety
  • Asking for help when needed



The students will be learning:

  • Personal identity and diversity in the community
  • Identifying body parts
  • Understanding body safety
  • Asking for help when needed



The students will be learning:

  • Identifying body parts and feelings
  • Understanding body safety
  • Asking for help when needed



The students will be learning:

  • Identifying body parts and feelings, and feeling comfortable to ask questions
  • Reproductive systems and their functions
  • Understanding body safety



The students will be learning:

  • Understanding physical development and puberty
  • The human life cycle and conception
  • Understanding body safety



The students will be learning:

  • Understanding and managing physical and emotional development, and puberty
  • The human life cycle, reproduction and conception
  • Understanding body safety
  • Asking for help and seeking reliable information

Science Day

We had a fantastic Friday morning for science day!

We spent the morning in multi age groups  completing experiments in physics, comstructing bottle rockets and lunar landers.

It was great working with some different kids and watching the cooperation between the kids of different ages.


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