Melbourne: Past, Present and Future

Last week 4T explored some images of Melbourne as part of their morning thinking routine. This included generating some questions around these images. Check out some of our wonderings below.

Some of our wonderings

Luca M: Why is there no designated walkways? (it’s a bit dangerous!)

Lucas S: I wonder why there is so many stray animals ? I wonder what year it was?

Lily: Why isn’t there many woman?

Liam C: Why didn’t people acknowledge women as much hundreds of years ago?

Sarah: Why was there horses instead of cars?

Romain: Why is basically everyone wearing hats and tailcoats?  

Some of our wonderings

Adelaide: I wonder how much pollution is going thru the city?

Elliot: Why has pretty much everybody got a car and no people walking?

Pia: Why has it changed so much since the last picture? How did this change happen? How many years did it take for these changes to occur?

Romain: Why is it so busy? Why did we change from horses and carriages to cars and buses and trucks? Why is no one walking?

Melbourne in the Future

In today’s thinking session the students became ‘futurists’. They were tasked with designing what they thought the Melbourne of 100 years time might look like. Check out some of the student sketches. The sketches featured self-driving cars, flying cars, hoverboards, transportation chutes (a pipe that fires you across the city to your work!) and, my personal favourite, robot teachers!

Thinking in 4T

It’s been a wonderful start to the year in 4T!

Your child may have mentioned that part of our daily routine is our morning thinking activity! Of course, we are thinking all day… but it’s way to get the students’ engaged and focused at the start of the day. The activities often lead to some wonderful, thoughtful conversations.

For example, today the class looked at the Paradox of Theseus’s Ship. If you’re interested in watching a short video explaining this philosophical riddle, check it out here:

There were some great student thoughts about when something is actually ‘new’, and discussions connected to changing identity (‘If we are always changing – learning new things, our personalities are changing and even some of our cells are being replaced when dry skin comes off – are we always the same person?’).

The other day we used a see, think, wonder routine with the following image:

Some other things we’re explored so far:

  • If you could travel to one time and place in the past where would it be and why? What would you do with your day?
  • If you could spend a day as either an ant, an eagle or a dolphin, which one would you choose and why? What would you spend the day doing?
  • How does wifi work?

We’ve also done some activities connected directly to our classroom learning that day, such as exploring mathematical questions in the world around us.

Don’t forget to asking your child about what today’s thought of the day was – they may even want to find out your thoughts about it!

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