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Secret Breakers by Liam CC

Mr. Smithies. We have managed to locate Van Der Essen’s phoenix.

Three children have been chosen to decipher a forbidden code. Over hundreds of years thousands of people have failed to find an answer and three children, namely Brodie, Tusia and Hunter, have been chosen.
My favourite part is when they realise the deciphering book is just ash. I enjoyed this because it is such a discovery and a devastating one at that.
I would recommend this book to children around the age of nine because it has moderately complicated concepts.
I give this book five stars.

Secret Breakers – Book Review by Romain

Imagine an ancient manuscript no one can read. Imagine a secret code for someone just like you.

A secret hidden for centuries. But Brodie Bray and her friends Tusia and Hunter like challenges and when Brodie receives a coded message through the post her life changes forever. She gets chosen for a secret team working to crack this most complicated code in the world to uncover the secret it hides.
I would give this book a rating of 5 out of 5 because it is everything a book could be: exciting, sad, adventurous, scary and impossible to stop reading. I would recommend this book to adventurous kids above the age of 7 who love to read. Children that like Harry Potter will love this book.

Secret Breakers by Lily

I loved this book. It was so exciting and it had so many great turning points in it. I really liked how it had so many interesting words in it and how there are so many great characters with such a different personality.
The only thing I didn’t like about it was that I had no idea what was happening in the start, but it got so much better and understandable.

Summary of the book:

Brodie gets a secret message in a birthday card even though it wasn’t even her birthday. The code tells her to go to the lamp post that told her to go to the Black Chamber ( a secret code cracking organisation.)
Brodie has to complete a challenge with total strangers to be able to get in.
When smithies tells them that they will work on MS 408, the code that is forbidden to crack, the three friends try as hard as they can to crack the code…

My rating:

I give this book a 4 and a half because I loved it so much but I didn’t really understand what was happening at the start.

Secret Breakers by Elliot

Imagine an ancient manuscript
No one can read
Imagine a secret code for 
Someone just like you

Three kids by the name Brodie, Hunter and Tusia have been chosen to figure out an ancient manuscript. They must figure out lots of clues to find the phoenix of light in her cloak of power, but there are those that are ready to kill to stop them. My favourite part is when the three of them find the first part of the code firebird because they finally know where they have to go and do.
I rate it 4 out of five stars and I rate it from 8 to 12 years old because little kids would not understand some bits.

The hidden monastery book reviews

Spencer’s Review

The book was about a boy called Jax that finds a hidden monastery

Jax has a dog called ruby that dies. Jax later finds a monastery that he could not see from the outside he learns Gong fu and finds out that his birthmark was actually made by Peng, a legendary Chinese animal and together Jax and his friend Yuyu that he met at the monastery and Peng have to fight a storm

I think this book teaches people to keep on trying when things get hard because when we keep on trying then we can get Amazing at things like when Jax gets really good at gong fu in quite a short time

My favourite part was the end where Yu yu and Jax returns to Jax’s home and Yu yu gets to stay.

Boys and girls from 7 to 13 would like this book because it has emotional language and there was like two things that the book was talking about and at the end, it all came together 

I rate this book 4 out of five stars, not five because I think the Author could have told us a bit more about what was going on with the two different world sort of things.


Gus’ Review

This book was about a boy called Jax and a hidden monastery. 

Jax was sent a Dog called Ruby for a signal and she led him to the hidden monastery there he learned heaps of new gong fu fighting and mind games. He was helped by the Abbot and he was the old peng master and Jax was destined to be the new Peng master.

And Peng was growing but he was still young and couldn’t handle a lot of pressure. He also had a friend at the whispering cloud monastery called Yu Yu who fought alongside him against the evil fox spirit which could take any form and they were going to attempt to bring down a huge storm and they kept persisting and did it very well.

I think it teaches you that if you keep going and chasing your dreams you will have a better chance than if you don’t persist and you should always keep trying and don’t give up.

My favourite part was: The end when Jax and Yu Yu bring down the evil fox spirit so he couldn’t bring any more harm and took his energy source, gold and only left him a bit to survive on.

I think that the age would be  7 to 13 year olds because there is a little bit of fighting going on in the book.

I would give this book four stars out of five would be about right.   


Patricks Review

This book is about a boy who has a mark on his hand caused by a Chinese spirit called Peng. His dog Ruby gets sick. He steals Ma’s gold necklace and goes off to the vet to see if he can help Ruby but the vet says Ruby is very old. She ran off through the gate and onto the path and she dies there Jax’s catches up and hugs her and goes off to find a place to bury her. He finds a monastery it is called the whispering cloud monastery. There are monks there he learns Gong Fu off the Abbot. The Abbots helps him find his destiny. He leaves the monastery and a girl called Yu Yu comes with him she is his spirit watcher. Jax overcomes challenges, fights spirit foxes and a huge storm called the silver wind. He joins Peng a creature that was growing up all the time he was alive. He fulfils his destiny and becomes a true Peng master.

I think this book teaches you to never give up and keep on trying even when things are hard. Like when Jax feels he can’t do it but he has a go and does it.

My favourite was the end when Yu Yu comes with Jax to his house and when Jax got a puppy and Jax learnt that the necklace was actually his and the abbots dog was Ruby and the abbot came when Jax was small, he asked if he could see his hand and he left but gave Ma the necklace and said to keep it safe. 

I think this book would be good for 7-12  because the book is pretty easy to read and there is a bit of fighting but no blood.

I would give this book 4.5 because a think the author could do a bit more describing.


Luca.M’s Review

This book is about a boy who has to learn to help an incredibly strong being, that which they must combine to stop a force that could annihilate all the land and Earth. The boy goes through misery and glee but there are times when he must help others. He learns that most of his life has been set up by his teacher, who knows Gongfu, a fighting technique. The boy becomes a Peng Master to help the incredibly powerful being Peng.

I think that this book teaches to never give up no matter how many obstacles stand in your way. This book also teaches to always follow your gut.

My favourite part of this book is when the boy learns mounds of new things and has to undergo training and do bad things to lift the spirits of others.

I think that this book is aimed at 10-12 year olds because some don’t follow their gut but follow another.

I rate this book a four and a half out of five stars because there is plenty of action and enough parts that are slow and steady paced.

Izzy’s Review

This book is about a boy(Jax/Mingzi) who doesn’t realise that he’s actually a Peng Master, which is someone who gets to look after and control/fight with him.

When Mingzi is young, he gets a touch from Peng, in China. A couple of years later Mingzi migrated to Australia (Brisbane) where he changed his name to Jax. One day when he had to take his dog, Ruby to the vet, she Ruby runs out until she gets tired and sadly ends up dying. Jax takes her to a Whispering Cloud Park to bury her. It starts getting dark and he can’t find the way out. He notices some lights further away, so he decides to follow them. It ends up as it looks like a temple. He asks to enter. A girl called YuYu answers but doesn’t let him in as she thinks he’s a ghost. He stays until the next day where YuYu decides to let him in. He meets The Abbot. The Abbot trains him, along with Lao Bing and Lao Tan. One night Mingzi and YuYu hear noises from the gate, it looks like Buzzy. Mingzi persuades YuYu to let him in. In the morning they realise he’s behaving weirdly. It ends up being a fox spirit, YuYu uses hand signals to fight it off. In a couple of days time, The Abbot tells Mingzi that he’s ready to meet Peng. Peng and Mingzi meet, they talk via there thoughts. They fight a strong and dangerous storm. The fox spirit comes back and tries to take Mingzi or Peng or even both. But doesn’t succeed so Mingzi takes its gold that it stole to return it. YuYu meets Mingzi, so they end up going to Mingzi’s house and they say he’s only been gone for a week. In the end, it turns out that The Abbot planned everything including giving Ruby too Mingzi’s family through to YuYu to end up living with Mingzi.

I think this book is suited for ages 8-12 because the book is very dense with words and the story is kind of about friendship and accepting that in life there are things you don’t know about but accept them(e.g. Jax not knowing he was a Peng Master but ends up liking the fact). 

I rate this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars because at times it got annoying always going between Peng’s life and Mingzi’s life. But it had a hooking storyline.



The hidden monastery is about a boy named Mingzi/Jax who doesn’t realise but he’s a Peng Master which is someone who gets to fight with Peng. 

When Mingzi is a baby in China he got a touch from Peng. A few years later Mingzi has moved to Australia with his Ma, Ba and little sister Mai. Mingzi’s parents have got new jobs working in a factory and their boss says their Chinese names are too tricky to remember so he changed their names. Mingzi is now called Jax. At school Jax makes friends with a boy called Buzzy. One day after school, Buzzy finds a little dog and hands it to Jax. jax keeps the little dog and names it Ruby. one day, Jax takes Ruby to the vet.  Ruby uns off and gets tired, she sadly ends up dying. Jax runs off to a Whispering Cloud park to bury Ruby. It starts getting dark but he can’t find the way out. Jax notices some lights far away and heads towards them. It ends up looking like a temple. He asks to enter, and a girl called Yu Yu thinks he’s a ghost so refuses. He waits till the next day when Yu Yu decides to let him in. Mingzi meets the Abbot who trains him with Lao Tan and Lao Bing. One day Yu Yu and Jax hear a noise from the gate, it sounds like Buzzy. Mingzi perseids Yu Yu to let him in even though she thinks Buzzy is actually a fox spirit. They find out that Buzzy is actually not Buzzy and he’s a fox spirit like Yu Yu suspected. Yu Yu uses hand signals to fight the fox spirit. The Abbot tells Jax that it is time for Jax to meet Peng and that it is time for him to start his mission as a Peng master. The Abbot also tells Jax that he will have to leave tonight for if he waits any longer then the silver wind will takeover.

Jax and Yu Yu agree that Yu Yu will be coming with Jax but the Abbot doesn’t allow so Yu Yu sneaks out anyway. Jax and Yu Yu fight the fox spirit with Peng and they go home to Jax’s family where Yu Yu comes and lives with them.

I think this book would suit ages 9-12 because ages 8 and below might not be able to understand some of it and over the age of 12 might not be interested in it.

I would rate this book 3.5 stars because it’s sometimes a bit boring when it’s flicking from Mingzi/Jax’s life and Pengs.

And these are all our reviews we look forward to our next book


Book Week 2019

Hi All,


Delayed I know! We had a blast during book week last week, we read some beautiful books and it was fantastic seeing everyone all dressed up. They all looked amazing.


On the Friday we got together with the Grade 6 students to do some cross age activities, To take advantage of the AMAZING weather we offered them the option of working outside.


In line with the theme “Reading is my Superpower” we had 3 activities for students to choose.

  • Design a superhero and write a short backstory.
  • Create a comic
  • Create  secret code and write a message to guess


Here’s some of the photos.


Book Week – Grades 4 and 1 working together

The Grade 4s had a wonderful afternoon working alongside the Grade 1s as part of our book week celebration. We read ‘The Book Week Monster’ and then students worked in pairs to create their own book week costume design.

Moreland Library Writing Competition

Hello Wonderful Parents!

Some of our Grade 3 and 4 students have begun writing stories to enter into Moreland Libraries Writing Competition.

The stories are based on one of 2 images, the below image is a bit simpler.

The prize is pretty awesome, a Sphero SPRK+ and a $50 book voucher.

Entry can be online or in person at the library. Sarah is happy to take completed entries to drop in too. They prefer typed stories to handwritten.



Explanation Writing

In 3F we are starting a new writing Genre Explanation. Yesterday we wrote about Levers and Simple Machines. Today we Mixed it up a bit and wrote about BOOGERS!


We’ve been watching a great youtube channel Kids Sci Show as a brain break throughout the year and as part of our inquiry and have learnt lots about all sorts of weird things.

Today we watched one about boogers and then wrote an explanation piece.

Voice – Try and understand it!

This term, the Grade 3/4s and 4s have been working tirelessly to understand what ‘VOICE’ is in writing. Today, 3/4B and 4A had a crack at writing letters to Goldilocks as one of the three bears after reading a few versions of the book.

If you haven’t read “The Three Bears Sort Of”, do yourself a favour and get a hold of a copy – it’s brilliant!

The students have done an excellent job portraying a character and imploring Goldi to heed their words after her trespassing adventure! See if you can figure out who is writing the letter to Goldilocks before signature. Here are some samples below:


Dear Goldilocks,

Daddy Bear here and if I ever find you around our house or near us you will wish you were never born! I know you like my son but the friendship has to end. I don’t care if you pay for that chair, YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO COME BACK HERE AGAIN, you hear me? Never! If I were you, I would get out of this forest right now!

Very Angry Daddy Bear
P.S If I find you here, Goldilocks, I will chase you…
-Levi 3/4B


Dear Goldilocks

OI! I’m John and I don’t appreciate how you messed up my cushions!

They were perfectly fine until you put your ugly dirty butt on them!

My red one even has a crease! You sat  on my bed and i paid 30 bucks for

Each stone so thanks for ruining them! Come back soon cuz I’m hungry!

John (Daddy Bear)
-Jasper 3/4B


Dear whoever you are,

I’m Daddy Bear the ferocious owner of the house in the woods that intruded 10 hours ago.

I’d like to ask you a few questions. I was wondering if you’d like to ever come here again? You LITTLE BEAST! Personally, I’d say no because there are booby traps set along the path! I really really really want you to never show your face here again.

Lots of hates,
Daddy Bear
-Patrick 4A


Dear Goldilocks,

My name is Daddy Bear and I’m writing to tell you this:


Sincerely Daddy Bear
-Clancy 4A


Dear Goldie,

I know you like playing with Baby Bear but next time can you please not eat all the porridge but there is only 1 rule do not jump on the beds that’s all.

Love Mummy Bear.
P.S – don’t read Daddy’s letter.
-Eva 4A


Dear Goldie sweetie,

I know you love to play with baby bear but if you do can you not jump on our beds? Your hair is so knotty I think it might need brushing, but can you not steal our brushes? I know you will understand.

Best wishes
Mummy bear xoxoxo
-Mae 4A


Dear little blonde intruder,

I am writing this letter as an official warning about the trespassing that occurred earlier this week. Your behaviour was absolutely disgusting and you showed NO respect for my personal space or care for my family. Did you know that it is illegal to break into peoples’ houses? What kind of parents do you have? Did they not teach you about respect?!

I will expect you to pay for the damage to our property, those chairs aren’t cheap, and have you seen the price of oats these days?

I have attached a bill at the end of this letter and expect it to be paid within 7 days. If you fail to comply with my demand then I will be forced to involve my family lawyer.

Daddy Bear
-Sam the teacher 3/4B


Dear Goldilocks

I hate that you broke in. I am tracking you down so that I can eat you. That chair does not come cheap.

Love Daddy Bear (not)
P.S I hate you.
-Ella 3/4B


Hi Goldy Locks,

My name is Daddy bear. I feel tied so don’t mess with me AGEN! But don’t talk to mummy bear she will let you cum back. And if you do I will eat you for lunch.

– Allegra 3/4B


Dear Goldilocks

Oh dear please come back for a night. It was a fright to me the first time but I see you are a nice girl. I’m sure baby bear would love to play with you. If you are scared of daddy bear don’t worry he’s nice like me.

By the way, I love your blond, soft hair but I forgot to tell you.

This daddy bear is quite  angry at you

Love Mummy Bear
-Chloe 4A


Dear Dirty what’s-her-name,

I am Daddy Bear, owner of one of the houses you intruded for no reason at all. It has been a week and the house still smells of your stinky ironed dress. And by the way, I will NEVER forgive you. EVER! Just a reminder,  NEVER come back. Or else!!!

Best regards,( mummy bear made me write that part)
Daddy Bear
P.S. If you really, really want to come back, then do, I’d like girl for breakfast for a change. Whoops, now you know the “or else” part.
-Matilda 4A


Please comment below on the awesome learning that’s occuring in our grades!

Sam and Mr. A

Jacqueline Harvey

Today, award-winning children’s author Jacqueline Harvey visited us. She went through how to become a spy and shared her inspiration behind her new series Kensey and Max. We learnt so much about her life, how she became an author and some tips on how to become brilliant writers!

Who said the Writers’ Festival is over?! 6+1: Ideas

In 3/4B and 4A, students are toying with the writing trait ‘ideas‘.

Below is an example of the different ways that our wonderful students are using their chromebooks as a collaborative tool to crowd-source some ideas about a Dragon picture from the Literacy Shed.

In 3/4B we did a ‘See Think Wonder’ to explore our ideas and then flesh them out by talking. We then popped our collaborative work on Google Classroom and now everybody has access to this wonderful bank of ideas.

Mr A had all the students create a Heart Map which was to help them generate ideas about people, interests, and things that have helped shape them as individuals or perhaps inspired them in some way.

The students are getting excited to listen to and share their ideas with each other.

It’s great to see students incorporating the school values in all of their activities!


Start Up Week 1-2

It has been a full on week and a half and we have hit the ground running!

We’ve been busy getting to know each other, setting expectations, learning how to push in our chairs again (it’s amazing what habits we lose over a long break! 😂)

The grade 4s are learning how to look after their devices if they have opted in to the BYOD program and the grade 3s will be getting set up on the Chromebooks over the next week too.

We’ve had a lesson on digital footprints as our first (of many!) eSmart lessons for the year. Understanding what we do online can follow us and leaves a trail of tiny footprints. The students exercised great Respect, Collaboration, Curiosity, and Creativity during this lesson (way to hit four of our values in one go, Grade 3/4s!)

Well done to all the students who have been adhering to the ‘healthy eating policy’ and bringing in delicious snacks for brain food (mid-morning snack). This food should always be fruit/veg that can be held in the non-dominant hand whilst learning is still occurring so that there isn’t an official break in learning.

For those of you who don’t know – Sam (the teacher) is an avid funny-picture-story-book lover and has already introduced students to her favourite authors:

Aaron Blabey

Oliver Jeffers

Jon Klassen (the hat books – do yourself a favour, they’re great!)

This has inspired one of our very own students to create her own version of a .hat book which we hope to scan and put up for you all to read very soon! It’s amazing what ideas you can have while doing something as monotonous as having a shower!

The teachers were very lucky to have Mathematician Michael Ymer come in and school them on how to make maths more interesting and hands on. We hope to implement some of his strategies over the coming months. School just isn’t what I remember when I was a kid!

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