The hidden monastery book reviews

Spencer’s Review

The book was about a boy called Jax that finds a hidden monastery

Jax has a dog called ruby that dies. Jax later finds a monastery that he could not see from the outside he learns Gong fu and finds out that his birthmark was actually made by Peng, a legendary Chinese animal and together Jax and his friend Yuyu that he met at the monastery and Peng have to fight a storm

I think this book teaches people to keep on trying when things get hard because when we keep on trying then we can get Amazing at things like when Jax gets really good at gong fu in quite a short time

My favourite part was the end where Yu yu and Jax returns to Jax’s home and Yu yu gets to stay.

Boys and girls from 7 to 13 would like this book because it has emotional language and there was like two things that the book was talking about and at the end, it all came together 

I rate this book 4 out of five stars, not five because I think the Author could have told us a bit more about what was going on with the two different world sort of things.


Gus’ Review

This book was about a boy called Jax and a hidden monastery. 

Jax was sent a Dog called Ruby for a signal and she led him to the hidden monastery there he learned heaps of new gong fu fighting and mind games. He was helped by the Abbot and he was the old peng master and Jax was destined to be the new Peng master.

And Peng was growing but he was still young and couldn’t handle a lot of pressure. He also had a friend at the whispering cloud monastery called Yu Yu who fought alongside him against the evil fox spirit which could take any form and they were going to attempt to bring down a huge storm and they kept persisting and did it very well.

I think it teaches you that if you keep going and chasing your dreams you will have a better chance than if you don’t persist and you should always keep trying and don’t give up.

My favourite part was: The end when Jax and Yu Yu bring down the evil fox spirit so he couldn’t bring any more harm and took his energy source, gold and only left him a bit to survive on.

I think that the age would be  7 to 13 year olds because there is a little bit of fighting going on in the book.

I would give this book four stars out of five would be about right.   


Patricks Review

This book is about a boy who has a mark on his hand caused by a Chinese spirit called Peng. His dog Ruby gets sick. He steals Ma’s gold necklace and goes off to the vet to see if he can help Ruby but the vet says Ruby is very old. She ran off through the gate and onto the path and she dies there Jax’s catches up and hugs her and goes off to find a place to bury her. He finds a monastery it is called the whispering cloud monastery. There are monks there he learns Gong Fu off the Abbot. The Abbots helps him find his destiny. He leaves the monastery and a girl called Yu Yu comes with him she is his spirit watcher. Jax overcomes challenges, fights spirit foxes and a huge storm called the silver wind. He joins Peng a creature that was growing up all the time he was alive. He fulfils his destiny and becomes a true Peng master.

I think this book teaches you to never give up and keep on trying even when things are hard. Like when Jax feels he can’t do it but he has a go and does it.

My favourite was the end when Yu Yu comes with Jax to his house and when Jax got a puppy and Jax learnt that the necklace was actually his and the abbots dog was Ruby and the abbot came when Jax was small, he asked if he could see his hand and he left but gave Ma the necklace and said to keep it safe. 

I think this book would be good for 7-12  because the book is pretty easy to read and there is a bit of fighting but no blood.

I would give this book 4.5 because a think the author could do a bit more describing.


Luca.M’s Review

This book is about a boy who has to learn to help an incredibly strong being, that which they must combine to stop a force that could annihilate all the land and Earth. The boy goes through misery and glee but there are times when he must help others. He learns that most of his life has been set up by his teacher, who knows Gongfu, a fighting technique. The boy becomes a Peng Master to help the incredibly powerful being Peng.

I think that this book teaches to never give up no matter how many obstacles stand in your way. This book also teaches to always follow your gut.

My favourite part of this book is when the boy learns mounds of new things and has to undergo training and do bad things to lift the spirits of others.

I think that this book is aimed at 10-12 year olds because some don’t follow their gut but follow another.

I rate this book a four and a half out of five stars because there is plenty of action and enough parts that are slow and steady paced.

Izzy’s Review

This book is about a boy(Jax/Mingzi) who doesn’t realise that he’s actually a Peng Master, which is someone who gets to look after and control/fight with him.

When Mingzi is young, he gets a touch from Peng, in China. A couple of years later Mingzi migrated to Australia (Brisbane) where he changed his name to Jax. One day when he had to take his dog, Ruby to the vet, she Ruby runs out until she gets tired and sadly ends up dying. Jax takes her to a Whispering Cloud Park to bury her. It starts getting dark and he can’t find the way out. He notices some lights further away, so he decides to follow them. It ends up as it looks like a temple. He asks to enter. A girl called YuYu answers but doesn’t let him in as she thinks he’s a ghost. He stays until the next day where YuYu decides to let him in. He meets The Abbot. The Abbot trains him, along with Lao Bing and Lao Tan. One night Mingzi and YuYu hear noises from the gate, it looks like Buzzy. Mingzi persuades YuYu to let him in. In the morning they realise he’s behaving weirdly. It ends up being a fox spirit, YuYu uses hand signals to fight it off. In a couple of days time, The Abbot tells Mingzi that he’s ready to meet Peng. Peng and Mingzi meet, they talk via there thoughts. They fight a strong and dangerous storm. The fox spirit comes back and tries to take Mingzi or Peng or even both. But doesn’t succeed so Mingzi takes its gold that it stole to return it. YuYu meets Mingzi, so they end up going to Mingzi’s house and they say he’s only been gone for a week. In the end, it turns out that The Abbot planned everything including giving Ruby too Mingzi’s family through to YuYu to end up living with Mingzi.

I think this book is suited for ages 8-12 because the book is very dense with words and the story is kind of about friendship and accepting that in life there are things you don’t know about but accept them(e.g. Jax not knowing he was a Peng Master but ends up liking the fact). 

I rate this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars because at times it got annoying always going between Peng’s life and Mingzi’s life. But it had a hooking storyline.



The hidden monastery is about a boy named Mingzi/Jax who doesn’t realise but he’s a Peng Master which is someone who gets to fight with Peng. 

When Mingzi is a baby in China he got a touch from Peng. A few years later Mingzi has moved to Australia with his Ma, Ba and little sister Mai. Mingzi’s parents have got new jobs working in a factory and their boss says their Chinese names are too tricky to remember so he changed their names. Mingzi is now called Jax. At school Jax makes friends with a boy called Buzzy. One day after school, Buzzy finds a little dog and hands it to Jax. jax keeps the little dog and names it Ruby. one day, Jax takes Ruby to the vet.  Ruby uns off and gets tired, she sadly ends up dying. Jax runs off to a Whispering Cloud park to bury Ruby. It starts getting dark but he can’t find the way out. Jax notices some lights far away and heads towards them. It ends up looking like a temple. He asks to enter, and a girl called Yu Yu thinks he’s a ghost so refuses. He waits till the next day when Yu Yu decides to let him in. Mingzi meets the Abbot who trains him with Lao Tan and Lao Bing. One day Yu Yu and Jax hear a noise from the gate, it sounds like Buzzy. Mingzi perseids Yu Yu to let him in even though she thinks Buzzy is actually a fox spirit. They find out that Buzzy is actually not Buzzy and he’s a fox spirit like Yu Yu suspected. Yu Yu uses hand signals to fight the fox spirit. The Abbot tells Jax that it is time for Jax to meet Peng and that it is time for him to start his mission as a Peng master. The Abbot also tells Jax that he will have to leave tonight for if he waits any longer then the silver wind will takeover.

Jax and Yu Yu agree that Yu Yu will be coming with Jax but the Abbot doesn’t allow so Yu Yu sneaks out anyway. Jax and Yu Yu fight the fox spirit with Peng and they go home to Jax’s family where Yu Yu comes and lives with them.

I think this book would suit ages 9-12 because ages 8 and below might not be able to understand some of it and over the age of 12 might not be interested in it.

I would rate this book 3.5 stars because it’s sometimes a bit boring when it’s flicking from Mingzi/Jax’s life and Pengs.

And these are all our reviews we look forward to our next book


Exploring Angles With Digital Technologies

This morning grades 4J and 4T pushed their understanding of angles to another level. The students explored different ways of using angles to manipulate and control various robots and software applications. One learning station the students controlled Sphero robots using the drawing tool inside the Sphero EDU app. The students had to draw various shapes that included an example of either an obtuse, acute, reflex, straight or right angles. At another learning station, the students experimented with Dash robot. Using ‘Blocky’ code similar to Scratch student were able to program the Dash to do various tasks. The students needed to apply their knowledge of angles to so that Dash would make accurate turns. See an example here

Honing in on their directional skills the students were also charged with programming Beebots so that they would arrive at their designated destination. This required the students to think computationally and procedurally. The Ozobots were also popular and these allowed the students to explore various types of angles through drawing.

Finally, the students explored a powerful shape design tool where they were charged with creating various polygons that included examples of various types of angles mentioned above.

It was an amazing hands-on session that allowed the students to explore their learning of angles through digital technologies.


Book Week – Grades 4 and 1 working together

The Grade 4s had a wonderful afternoon working alongside the Grade 1s as part of our book week celebration. We read ‘The Book Week Monster’ and then students worked in pairs to create their own book week costume design.

Investigating Fractions

During Maths grade 4T and 4J have been looking at fractions. We have had to make a presentation about equivalent fractions and  fractions that are less than and greater than each other. We also had to make a video from Screen Cast. We videoed it on a Fractions app called Fractions Math Learning Centre.

This is my video:

Grade 4 Camp

Grade 4 Camp 

At camp we did lots of things. My favourite part, was when we rode to Butts Reserve. We climbed rocks, cooked damper, played soccer and footy. Some of the damper was burnt and some were light brown. Some of us climbed up to the top of the mountain. Then we rode back soon afterwards. That night for dinner we had roast chicken, carrots, peas and roast potatoes. For desert we had ice cream and jelly, the people who were allergic or were vegan had soy ice cream. Then we went to bed.

Bush Walking At Butts Reserve

When 4T and 4B rode down to Butts reserve we made delicious damper. After we made the damper and ate it we played around and some people went climbing up the mountain we were not aloud to go to high until Andrew joined us. We got to climb all the way up while looking at amazing views and climbing up giant rocks. When the group of 18 went back down every one played and ate apples. We had a great time!

4T and 4B on camp – By Liam

We have arrived at Blue light camp everyone was so excited. The first thing we did was the BMX track everyone loved it was whirly and there was some sharp turns and a big mountain to start off. On day 2 we went to Butts reserve a group of kids went on a climb and we had a great view the trees were in perfect spots for the view and the height we were at was outstanding. And on day three all 4B and 4T did the mt Tarrengower challenge and everybody got a bit tired, at the top there was a little scavenger hunt. Everyone loved camp and wish they never left. 


Grade 4 Camp – The Amazing Race!

It was day 2, the teachers announced that we were doing the amazing race. The teachers gave us some questions and riddles to answer. We got into 3 groups and each group had a teacher with them. I was on Xenia’s team and there was also Andrew and Ramsey’s teams. Ramsey and Andrew teamed up on my team, they also cheated by using Google maps and they went to get lollies without us! But surprisingly Xenia’s team still won in the end. 

Grade four bike camp

We arrived at bike camp. Everyone was so excited they could scream! We all unpacked and then got on some bikes and went for a ride to the B.M.X track.

Most of us had a go. We zoomed down the hill and steered the bikes around the winding track. ( most of us went back for a second go.)

When we came back from the B.M.X track, all tired and worn out, we went back to our cabins and waited for the feast to begin…

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