Sleep Talk

On Wednesday Grades 4T and 4J were lucky enough to have parent expert Andrew Perkins, a sleep scientist, come and speak to them. The students – and teachers – were fascinated by Andrew’s talk. He discussed why we sleep, how sleep works and the sleep patterns of different animals. He also wired up Ivy to a sleep recording device, to show how brain waves and breathing patterns are recorded and analysed so, as a sleep scientist, he can help people who have sleep problems. Thanks for coming in and sharing with us Andrew!

Grade 4 Inquiry Expo Term 3

Wow! The grade 4 student inquiry expo was an amazing finish to term 3’s inquiry unit. The students applied an enormous amount of thinking during the course of designing their Rube Goldberg machines. The main objective was to build a Rube Goldberg inspired machine that included the scientific forces learnt. This could include; incline plane, decline plane, push and pull, friction, pullies and levers. Iteration upon iteration of design changes was made over the days leading up to the expo. The students were amazed at how their thinking had changed from their initial designs made only a week or so ago.

During the building process, our core school values were on display as students demonstrated true grit and resilence when testing, failing and improving their machines. It was ‘hard fun’! There were tears and frustration at times but also joy as well when it worked.

The design and building process was also provided a platform for students to explore and improve on their learning assets. A key focus for many students was communication and collaboration. We commend the students for making wise choices when formulating their groups. We had numerous conversations where the students were able to articulate how they were able to make compromises by adopting and adapting the ideas of others into their designs.

See Below some videos of successful and not so successful runs of their fabulous machines.

Click here

and Here

Science Day

We had a fantastic Friday morning for science day!

We spent the morning in multi age groups  completing experiments in physics, comstructing bottle rockets and lunar landers.

It was great working with some different kids and watching the cooperation between the kids of different ages.


Celebration of Science Week at Bell PS

This morning, students across the whole school have been working in multi-aged groups to design and experiment on the science concepts of gravity and air resistance.

Students have been working collaboratively in their groups to design balloon rockets and aircrafts.

It has been so wonderful to see younger and older students working in teams to design, build and try their various attempts to achieve the following goals:

  1. Make an aircraft that can be dropped from a height and the aim is to hold marshmallows without the marshmallows falling out on impact
  2. Create a balloon rocket to see how fast a balloon travels across different textured string

We have observed excellent team work skills such as positive and encouraging communication and language, as well as many smiles and laughs.

A very fun morning had by all!


Taking Action in Inquiry

As we draw nearer to the end of term, we are about to embark on a project to demonstrate our learning about force and motion. So far we have learning about the forces that create movement (and slow down/stop movement) as well as a bit about simple machines.

Today all the Grade 3s got together and learned about Rube Goldberg, an artist and scientist who would draw elaborate illustrations of crazy machines and cool inventions that involved many simple machines. We watched a few clips of how Rub Goldberg inspired machines have influenced creativity amongst grown ups and children, and have informed our students that their action and next step in the inquiry cycle will be to create their own small scale Rube Goldberg inspired machine.

So far, students have formed groups and planned and designed their own mini contraptions, and in coming weeks will work together to begin constructing and trialing their designs.

Science Excursion to Coburg High

It was a super day for our grade 4s who spent the day as scientists in the labs of Coburg High. We were guided by some student experts, including some ex-Bell students, and we did lots of interesting experiments… with one of the highlights looking at the effects of dry ice.