HHD starts tomorrow.

Hello wonderful Grade 3 parents.

Tomorrow we start our Health and Human Development Sessions. The Grade 3’s will be working in groups. 3F and 3G working together and 3B and 3W working together.

Tomorrow’s focus will be on naming body parts, including those that are found on both biological male and female bodies, and those parts that are only found on one or the other.

The major focus for the lessons will be on:

  • Having the correct information about their bodies including scientific names
  • feel good about growing up
  • feel comfortable asking questions

Some of the students are feeling a bit embarrassed and it will be reiterated that it’s OK to be feeling embarrassed.

We’ll post some more information after the sessions tomorrow.


Exploring Angles With Digital Technologies

This morning grades 4J and 4T pushed their understanding of angles to another level. The students explored different ways of using angles to manipulate and control various robots and software applications. One learning station the students controlled Sphero robots using the drawing tool inside the Sphero EDU app. The students had to draw various shapes that included an example of either an obtuse, acute, reflex, straight or right angles. At another learning station, the students experimented with Dash robot. Using ‘Blocky’ code similar to Scratch student were able to program the Dash to do various tasks. The students needed to apply their knowledge of angles to so that Dash would make accurate turns. See an example here https://photos.app.goo.gl/rmhSTyPPfV2UVcYD9

Honing in on their directional skills the students were also charged with programming Beebots so that they would arrive at their designated destination. This required the students to think computationally and procedurally. The Ozobots were also popular and these allowed the students to explore various types of angles through drawing.

Finally, the students explored a powerful shape design tool https://www.geogebra.org/graphing?lang=en where they were charged with creating various polygons that included examples of various types of angles mentioned above.

It was an amazing hands-on session that allowed the students to explore their learning of angles through digital technologies.


Wear it Purple Day

What a wonderful sea of purple we see across the school today!

This morning 3F and 3G have joined together to enjoy a morning of sharing, celebrating and discussions around diversity, inclusion and families.

Students have drawn their varied family structures/units and then we read the story ‘And tango makes three’ by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell, a heartwarming story that shows us that all kinds of love can create a family.

On a side note, special mention to Maggie Everard from 3G who entered the Moreland writers competition and won FIRST PLACE with her amazing story about a Giraffe escaping the zoo and causing chaos at Melbourne Landmarks.





Book Week 2019

Hi All,


Delayed I know! We had a blast during book week last week, we read some beautiful books and it was fantastic seeing everyone all dressed up. They all looked amazing.


On the Friday we got together with the Grade 6 students to do some cross age activities, To take advantage of the AMAZING weather we offered them the option of working outside.


In line with the theme “Reading is my Superpower” we had 3 activities for students to choose.

  • Design a superhero and write a short backstory.
  • Create a comic
  • Create  secret code and write a message to guess


Here’s some of the photos.


Exploring angles in Grade 4

Today 4J and 4T explored different angles using technology (ozobots) and manipulatives (pipe cleaners). The students showed an excellent understanding of different types of angles and had fun in the process!          

Pot of Gold Maths Game with Grade 1s

This week, Grade 4T joined 1B for a buddy maths session. Students learned a new game called ‘Pot of Gold’. The game enabled students to practise their skills of estimating and subitising, as well as explore probability with 20 sided dice! The Grade 4s enjoyed being leaders during the sessions and supporting the Grade 1s to develop their maths skills.


HHD coming soon!

Health and Human Development Curriculum

Continuing on from last year specifically trained teachers within Bell Primary School will be implementing a series of Health and Human Development lessons that focus on physical, social and emotional changes. 

HHD sessions are starting in Grade 3 Wednesday next week and will continue on Wednesday’s for the rest of the term. For all grade 3’s including 3B.

The content of the lessons is recommended by the Department of Education, and is focused on Respectful Relationships and Sexuality Education.


These specific lessons will support students to work towards achieving the required health standards of the new Victorian Curriculum. Other components of the curriculum will be covered during Physical Education lessons and within the students’ regular classes.


The lessons will deliver age-appropriate content using a fact-based approach. A variety of materials will be used to deliver the content in a sensitive manner, including:

  • Games
  • Conversations
  • Audio and visual media


Bell Primary School respects your family’s role in teaching Health and Human Development Education and hope that these lessons support and facilitate further conversations.


Please check your child’s year level blog regularly for information as to what is covered in each session. 



The students will be learning:

  • Identifying body parts and feelings, and feeling comfortable to ask questions
  • Reproductive systems and their functions
  • Understanding body safety


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the relevant staff members below:

Prep – 2 contact: Gab Goss goss.gabrielle.m@edumail.vic.gov.au

3/4 contact: Sarah Fry fry.sarah.s@edumail.vic.gov.au

5/6 contact: Dimi Efthymiou efthymiou.dimitra.d@edumail.vic.edu.au

School Coordinator: Sarah Fry fry.sarah.s@edumail.vic.gov.au


The students will be learning:

  • How their bodies are growing, learning and changing
  • Identifying body parts
  • Understanding body safety
  • Asking for help when needed



The students will be learning:

  • Personal identity and diversity in the community
  • Identifying body parts
  • Understanding body safety
  • Asking for help when needed



The students will be learning:

  • Identifying body parts and feelings
  • Understanding body safety
  • Asking for help when needed



The students will be learning:

  • Identifying body parts and feelings, and feeling comfortable to ask questions
  • Reproductive systems and their functions
  • Understanding body safety



The students will be learning:

  • Understanding physical development and puberty
  • The human life cycle and conception
  • Understanding body safety



The students will be learning:

  • Understanding and managing physical and emotional development, and puberty
  • The human life cycle, reproduction and conception
  • Understanding body safety
  • Asking for help and seeking reliable information

Author visit for Book Week


Today students in Grade 3 were lucky to have children and adult author Ingrid Laguna come in and speak to us about her experiences of being a teacher and author. Students have been enjoying listening to her experiences and tips.

Ingrid has written and published several children’s picture books, and her latest project is a sequel to her first child’s novel ‘Songbird’.

Book Week – Grades 4 and 1 working together

The Grade 4s had a wonderful afternoon working alongside the Grade 1s as part of our book week celebration. We read ‘The Book Week Monster’ and then students worked in pairs to create their own book week costume design.

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